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The concept is simple. The fight against drinking and driving begins with awareness and we are giving away $5,000 scholarship to the high school senior that convinces us they are the biggest advocate for the cause. Take a stand by becoming a voice in your community and helping your friends, family, and neighbors stay safe on the road.

Your job is to tell us in 500 words or less why you are and how you will continue to be an advocate against drinking and driving. Why do you care about this cause? What have you done to help educate your friends and your community about the dangers of this behavior? Let us know and who knows? You could end up winning a few grand, or even saving somebody's life!


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See a drunk driver? Call 911
and give them the plate and location. Learn more about how you can
spot a drunk driver.

Everybody has a story, and a story is a chance to make a difference.

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The Ashley’s Dream bracelet is an easy way to promote awareness of the serious issue of drinking and driving. For more information on Ashley and her diary,
visit the About Ashley page.