A Chance for Life

Imogen Connell

My Essay

No one is ever prepared to witness death happen in front of them. Something as simple as coming home from party can be transformed in a flash. Imagine singing loudly over the radio, smiling, with your spirits high. Your friend turns to tease you, and as you share a laugh, glaring headlights blind your eyes before you are swung headfirst into the window. You don’t realize it until the impact reverberates throughout the car, and you’re sent spinning into a ditch to the side of the road. You wake up, coughing, gasping for air. Spiderwebs trace the outline from where your head cracked the window. Looking over, a slumped figure is twisted, crunched between the steering wheel and the dashboard. Blood runs down both you and their bodies before it dawns on you that you are alive. They are not. These are the types of stories that crop up in my city more often now. To hear about a group of friends, a pair of lovers, or even mothers with babies all getting slammed into from an intoxicated driver. Within these stories, nearly all or some of the victims are left and the surviving members are left to mourn, asking why they are alive but the other is not. It gets me questioning the person responsible, for they set the stone to the anvil the moment they took a drink. When that driver decided to go home, barely buzzing, feeling as if they had control over their skills in driving. To see the faces of the victims and realize that they took away a life and potentially more. All because they had some alcohol in them. I aim to prevent more news reaching my ears about teens and adults dying from drinking and driving. As it is against the law, it is against my morals to question if 1% of alcohol should deem you "good enough" to drive. I share these stories with others and repost the dangers of drinking while intoxicated every moment I get. I research and make my friends find an Uber or some form of transportation when they are apparently drunk. Drinking and driving is how you take a life from another family. We hear so much news about it and yet nothing is done. Everyone bats an eye, says a prayer, and yet nothing changes. Voices need to be heard more and people need to demand that they will not drive with someone drunk or try driving if they are drunk. I will continue to advocate for not drinking and driving by telling who I can about its dangers, as well as the consequences of it. Life is precious.

About Me

Hello! My name is Imogen Connell and I am a current high school senior! I am a hopeful English major for college in the fall and I participate in my school choir at school. I love to write and bake but I am ok at cooking. I advocate for environmental awareness in my school's green thumb club and I volunteer there, along with my local library! I hope to help change this world for the better.