An Angel’s Dream

Sandra Dubaisi

My Essay

Death resulting in drunk driving had always been an abstract idea to me. Of course, we’d sometimes watch videos of accidents that could result from drunk driving incidents in health class, but those accidents and beaten up cars appeared as if they could never affect people like me...It wasn’t until my own high school placed a beaten up car from a drunk driving accident on our front lawn, one that looked identical to the ones in the videos, that I realized these accidents weren’t something that only affected people far from me. It could also affect, and kill, people within my own school district... Starting in middle school, our teachers constantly reminded us to never fall to peer pressure, specifically for things as serious as alcohol. I took this message to heart, especially after hearing various tragic stories that have arisen from drunk driving. Thus, I’ve never tried alcohol or attended a party where it was present. My friends inside and outside of school know that having alcohol at a party isn’t something I tolerate, and as a result, many of them have followed my lead. I tried to share the information I knew with them in order to make sure they knew the dangers of drunk driving. And with this new knowledge, my friends attended those parties less frequently, but even when they did, they always assigned one person as their designated driver to avoid disaster. I’ve also been able to do the same with my family. Though both my parents rarely drink, my uncle often did when my whole family would come together. And, at the end of the night, there was always the fear of wondering if he’d decide to drive home that night. However, I knew that though he would sometimes drink, he never liked it when one of his nephews or nieces would. My cousins and I instantly came up with a plan. For every drink my uncle had, one of my cousins (the ones over 21, of course) would also have a drink. My uncle caught on soon and though he wasn’t fond of the idea at first, the end result was worth it. Now, whenever my family gathers together for the holidays, or for any event for that matter, alcohol is never present. The power of words is much stronger than we often anticipate. It’s these stories of victims like Ashley, Michael, and Andy that open people’s eyes to the real danger of drunk driving. None of the drunk drivers who have killed others have planned to become a killer before taking their first sip of their alcoholic beverage. No one makes the association between the two things, because they can never imagine that situation happening to them. Yet, just as Ashley’s story shows, these situations can happen to anyone, and it’s up to us to make sure to stop the problem in its tracks. The thousands of lives our nation has lost to drunk driving will not go to waste; though they’re no longer with us, we will carry on their dreams, and hopefully one day be able to eliminate the high death rates of drunk driving.

About Me

Volunteering, giving back to my community, and excelling in everything I do, whether it’s inside or outside of school are vital parts of my personality. And it’s my experiences, first in non-profit organizations such as the International Institute of Metro-Detroit and the Joyce Ivy Foundation and my school’s National Honor Society, that prove my dedication. Encouraged by my drive to help others, I ran for the position of Historian/Director of Tutoring for my school’s National Honor Society chapter which I held for my senior year. I was able to run the tutoring program for my entire school district while also having the opportunity to intern at Dearborn Heights City Hall Ordinance Department. Coming from a conservative community, I also have a passion for ensuring that girls always are given the same opportunities and dream as big as their brothers can. Thus, after being awarded the Joyce Ivy Scholarship to attend the prestigious Yale Young Global Scholars Program for my academic achievements, I decided to join the foundation’s philanthropy team and serve as their Scholarship Coordinator. I have also been a part of my High School Figure Skating Varsity team for all four years of high school, where we were awarded the District Champions three times in a row. Additionally, I have been a part of a synchronized figure skating team, the Crystallettes, for eight years of my life, where I have received many medals, including a National gold and silver medal in 2013 and 2015, respectively.