Be the Change

Hue Vang

My Essay

I am an advocate against drinking and driving because I have been in numerous situations where I have faced death because of drivers drinking and driving. Drinking and Driving is one of the most dangerous things out there. When I’m on the road, it doesn’t matter if I am driving or I am in the passenger seat, I’d like to feel safe on the road and I would like to know that I will not be in any accident with a person drinking and driving. How I advocate against drinking and driving is either desgninating myself as a driver, desgninating someone else who isn’t drinking to drive, or having them spend the night at the place.

About Me

Striving for the best in myself, not giving up, and being at peace with myself and others are major pillars that goes toward who I am as a person. I love giving back to people and my community. Giving to the homeless and taking care of people other than my family members has been my passion and will always be my passion. I have been in the AVID program for 6 years and it has taught me many things such as being organized and having rythmn in my work and craft. I was awarded student of the month, made B honor roll, and gone to regionals in history day.