Being a Sober Cab

My Essay

Growing up I was always told to never drink and drive. And if I was planning on drinking, I need to have a solution on how I am going to get home. I feel as though drinking and driving is the worst decision you could make for yourself and those around you. A lot of people don't think about the negative outcomes that are going to happen if they don't watch what they do and make better decisions. For my dads wedding I was the sober cab. I made sure everyone got where they needed to go, safe and sound. To me my families safety and well being is more important than my sleep or how long I have to drive. I would simply rather drive two hours for my dad, than risk having him drive himself home when he's drunk. I have thought very strongly about this and I feel that a lot of situations or traumatizing events happen because people feel like they don't have anyone to go to. That is why I emphasize to everyone I love and care about, that if they need someone they need to call me. I will always do what I can to keep my family safe. You can't replace humans so we need to start working as a community and stop drinking and driving.

About Me

My name is Ruth Cartagena. I am Puerto Rican and Dominican but was born here in the united states. I am bilingual, and I embrace my Latin culture to the fullest. Those are just the basics about me, but I feel as though I need to talk more about my goals and aspirations and where they came from. Growing up my parents were married and of course being the little girl I was I never had any suspicions that they weren't happy. But then middle school came around and my parents decided it would be best if they got divorced. I was genuinely confused and sad and I felt like I could never come back from that, because my parents being together is all I knew. It's what I was raised in.As time went I grew to realize and accept what was going on, but I told myself I would learn from this and do something with what I have experienced. Which is when I decided I was going to be a family lawyer. I am going to make a difference in all of these children that feel like they will never be able to get past what they are dealing with right now.