Combatting Drunk Driving

Samantha Morris

My Essay

As soon as I turned sixteen, I rushed to get my drivers license. There is so much freedom that goes along with driving, however I knew there was also great responsibly; driving can be dangerous. Naturally I am a rather cautious person, a quality that translates into my driving. I do not drive over the speed limit. I’ve never gotten pulled over or received a ticket. I also try to avoid driving at night and during the “rush hours.” This cautiousness is something I also use when dealing with the idea of drunk driving. I have made a vow to myself not to ever drive while drunk, or let others drink and drive if it’s in my control. Often, I take my peers home after school when they do not have a ride. All of them know that they can call me whenever for a safe ride. If peers know that they have someone to trust to call, then there is less likely a chance for them to risk driving drunk. Events such as Prom, Homecoming, football games, and other occasions create a greater chance for drinking and driving. I let my friends know on these occasions that they have a ride if they need one. I always offer to be the designated driver, so that no one must face driving under the influence of alcohol. Another way I combat drunk driving is by trying to educate my peers when they discuss driving under the influence. It is to no surprise that teens try to brag when they go to parties and drink, not that it is something to brag about. I know which of my peers risk their life and others by driving drunk through their stories. Instead of laughing along with them, I simply tell them that there isn’t a need for drunk driving. There are solutions such a a designated driver, or calling a car service such as Uber or Lyft. Simply letting others know that they have someone to trust as a safe ride, as well as letting them know that there is someone that cares about the decisions they make can combat drunk driving. With education others can make the vow to not drink and drive.

About Me

My true passion lies in helping those who don’t have a voice. My passion for others has led me to become an advocate to illuminate and emphasize the inequalities in my school and by extension, my community. However, I want to advocate for others beyond my community and make the world a more equal place. This has pushed me towards my goal to study law. I plan on graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law. I then plan on pursuing my Juris Doctorate Degree. I have personally begun to impact my community through founding the Democrats Club at my high school, the very first in my county. Of the many projects we have sponsored, the one that was closest to my heart is the Feminine Products Drive, in which we donated feminine hygiene products to our local homeless shelter. Through this drive we our community on the lack of access those with low incomes have to feminine hygiene products. Along with pursuing a career in law, I hope to leave an impact on the world by educating others on social, environmental, and political issues, similar to what I’ve done in the Democrats Club, but on a larger scale.