Drinking and Driving

Lucas Brown

My Essay

I am a big advocate against drinking and driving because it is a huge issue among high schoolers and it can ruin lives. Coming from a high schooler, I have seen how big of an issue drinking and driving is among teens. Teens just want to drink without thinking about what harm it may cause them, and often times they don't think ahead. This means they have to drive somewhere after they drank and this is not a big deal to them because their judgement at the time is way off. In reality, the consequences of their actions are way bigger than they realize. They could crash and harm themselves or someone else because they are being very irresponsible. This could end up having effects that ruin the lives of the person who is drunk driving or the life of someone affected by their decision. No matter the scenario, it is not worth it and never acceptable to drink and drive, and it should never happen. Whenever a situation like this comes up around me, I always make sure to keep drunk drivers off the streets.

About Me

I am a high school senior at Zionsville High School. I am currently planning to continue my education at Purdue University. I have played baseball, basketball, and football, and I currently play volleyball. I am involved in a few clubs at my school, including fellowship of christian athletes, intramural sports, and club volleyball.