Drive Hammered Get Slammered

Kameron Allen

My Essay

Im against drink and driving because other people lives are in danger when you drive. Driving is not a sport its a everyday thing to people when you are on the road you have to be cautious not just to you but to other people to. Drinking in driving can hurt you and the people you love you can not only hurt them but also take someone family member or even kid. Im against it because it takes away your driving skills when you are intoxicated and it can hurt people. it also messes up your nervous system and affects your brain from doing the intelligent stuff me and you can do. and no one wants to live with the guilt of hurting or potentially killing someone else kid for the rest of your live so for everyone best option dont drink and drive.

About Me

my name is kameron Alleni am 18 a senior in high school. i live in Alief Texas where most kids dont finish high school. i like to write and help out the community when i have available time off. i will be attending the university of Texas southern this fall coming up. one thing you should know about me is that i am a leader i want to set a example for my city or even for my brothers that college is fun and that we can change the economy or world with the stuff we do. one thing that stood out about me is the stuff i do when nobody is watching like helping poor people on side of roads or helping people in the grocery store when they are short on money. i live with my grandma and 3 brothers 2 of them are younger than me and i just want to set a goal or let them follow my path or have an idea of what they want to do in life or even in college. financial issue always been a problem in the family so i wanted to let them know by going to college we can help other people like us not go through struggle we go to and we can help the world be a better place. with the help of this scholarship it can help me go one step forward in helping me out to get ready to start freshmen year in college and help me start the beginning of a new era for our generation. Thank you for letting me be able to apply for this scholarship sincerely: Kameron Allen