Ensuring the Safety of my Family, Friends and Community

Cavo Fontana

My Essay

Throughout our lives we make choices that dictate what our future will turn out to be. And yet only one of these choices could potentially end our lives. That choice would be to drink and drive. When an individual makes the decision to ingest an alcoholic beverage, they put themselves at risk. However, when an intoxicated individual decides to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive to their destination, they endanger not only themselves but the lives of everyone else on the road. In the mind of an intoxicated person it may seem insignificant, but it can have serious consequences. As a community, we need to be proactive and make sure everyone is safe whether they are intoxicated or not. As a single individual, I make sure my family, friends, and members of my community know the risks of drinking and driving. Throughout my entire life, my family has always taught me important life lessons to make sure I never make bad decisions. As I have grown, I am able to understand what my parents actually meant through our discussion. My family has always made sure to look out for each other and keep everyone on the right path. This even includes drinking and driving. My family came up with a very simple rule to ensure our safety. . The rule explained that if one of our family members were ever to drink and become intoxicated, then they were to immediately contact another family member and ask for a ride home with no questions asked. This simple rule that was put in place ensured the safety of our family members and my community if they were to drink. Being a high school student can sometimes lead people to making bad decisions like drinking. I strive to make sure my friends have stayed on the right path so they can enjoy all the opportunities that life can offer. I make sure that my friends understand the risks of drinking, but also the extreme consequences of drinking and driving. Because I want to make sure my friends are safe, I use the same exact rule my family uses. I would go above all to make sure my friends do not drink, especially drink and drive. In order to do this, I would take away their keys, find them safe rides home, or even keep them over my house if need be. Overall, I think this helps contribute to the safety of members in my community because the friends and people I educate about the dangers of drinking and driving cause them to spread that knowledge on to others. By having in depth conversations with others help them understand the true reason on why it is better to be safe, rather than putting their life at risk along with the lives of others.

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