How am I helping prevent this problem?

Zabdiel Lopez-Pagan

My Essay

I believe that drinking and driving have never been a good combination. Teenagers, including me, have temptations everywhere trying to make us do this. However, there are certain ways we can avoid actually drinking and driving. First, it all starts with the people you surround yourself with. Let me explain, if you hangout with friends that like to drink you all should take turns and one of all you guys should not drink that day. This is called the chaperon, is not fun but you are saving lives pf your friends. This is when i step up, i don't like to drink, matter of fact i'm not even supposed to drink, but whenever my friends drink i take their car keys out of their hands and make sure they get home safe. I don't really get tired of doing this because as the time goes by, my friends realize that getting wasted is not very fun. Most f them, end up either not drinking or just not drinking very much. I advocate against drinking and driving because this causes the destruction of families and not only to the immediate family of the victims but also their friends.

About Me

I am a senior at North Forney High School. Throughout high school, I've been part of different leadership, academic and athletic organizations. I moved from Puerto Rico, when I was becoming a freshman and I went to Lake Highlands High School at Dallas, Texas. There, i was part of the basketball team (A team) and I was their starting point guard. Also, I was awarded an Academic Excellence in Algebra 1. My sophomore year, I became a member of the National Honor Society of High School Scholars and was also a member of Mu Alpha Theta at my school. This two organizations chose me based on my grades and leadership skills. My junior year I was a member of the Richardson Youth Leaders, which I was chosen based on my leadership skills throughout 9th and 10th grade. I also, took AP Chemistry and AP Spanish and still was part of the Mu Alpha Theta at Lake Highlands. My senior year, I moved to Forney, Texas and I am currently enrolled at North Forney High School. I played for the school's basketball varsity team and got an invitation to play D2 basketball at Oklahoma Christian University. I am a mentor for the freshman students for the school, a member of the Health Occupations Students of America; I plan to become a physician in the future. Also, I am part of the National Honor Society for the school, and I am in the top 13% of my senior class academically. Outside of high school, I play AAU basketball and work hard to keep improving my game. I am a Youth Leader for Northplace Church in Sachse, Texas; I have been attending this church since December 2015 Other than that, I am a determined and hard working student who is willing to work hard for all his life goals and achieve them.