Is it Worth the Risk?

Jessica Jones

My Essay

If I could trade places with any superhero for a day, I would want to trade places with the great detective Sherlock Holmes. He is not a superhero in a traditional sense since he does not have super strength or really any physical powers at all. However, his incredible powers of observation and deduction make him a superhero of the mind. I have always been in awe of his extreme intelligence and ability to figure out a person’s life story by simply observing them and making a series of logical deductions based off of his observations. If I were able to have his abilities for a day, I would love to use them to solve crimes and bring evil to justice. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t be able to do much in only one day. Even the great Sherlock Holmes usually needed at least a couple of days to gather evidence before he was able to solve the case. Nevertheless, it would be my hope that I would be able to at least do a little bit of good, in the process making the world a bit of a better place to live.

About Me

I work at Chick-fil-a and even though it isn't always easy, I always strive to brighten the day for the customers that I serve. I also work with 3-5 year olds at my church's AWANA program and it is amazing watching these little kids start to grow up and knowing that I am playing a part in making them into the person that they are going to be when they get older. I hope to be a good influence on them and that my life shines the light of Christ into their lives.