It’s you and only you

Kelley Chu

My Essay

One sip.Two sips. Three sips. The last sip turns into a bottle. That final sip can be deadly and kill you or somebody else. The same lesson we hear from teachers and the news advises us to not drink and drive, but why do we still do it? Is it because of peer pressure? The lack of knowledge? Or is it simply because we don’t care? It is because we don’t connect with it. That connection is the difference between life or dealt. Students now and days perceive the information ahead as just another fact to memorize for school and not something important. As I tried to wrap my head around and figure out who the biggest advocate is, I found the answer. The biggest advocate for teens is teens. Sadly when adults speak, the meaning slowly fades because the meaning doesn’t resonate the way your peers do. The biggest advocate is you. Knowing someone who has been a victim of drinking and driving and sharing one’s story is the most powerful way to connect with someone’s heart. I know this first hand because I am an advocate. Being the school’s head leader for D.A.S.H. Committee which stands for Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, and Health Awareness, I was responsible for reforming the young minds of students and bring change within them. Observing the students around me zoning out during these vital lessons about the risks of drinking and driving made me both angry and determined. I became determined to reach out to the student body and make a change they wouldn’t forget. Running home with a notepad in my hand, I jumped right into research. Searching websites with informational facts, print-outs, activities, and everything in between to uncover something that touches a student’s heart. Then it struck me. Sharing someone’s story, somebody who we can relate to. So during school, I gathered stories of young people around the same age as us losing their lives to drinking and driving. Plastering real stories about real people in the hallways, bathrooms until surrounding the whole school with flyers hoping it will make a difference in somebody's life. Taking one step further, I made the “chain of life” where we can recount our personal narratives to reach out to people. This simple idea escalated into a whole week dedicated to the drinking and driving awareness and made students turn heads everywhere they went. Making it personal and getting involved as a student is the biggest advocate to ending drinking and driving. The greatest leader starts with you.

About Me

My name is Kelley. I grew up in a large household filled with siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents who all taught me vital life lesson with one of them being " Always help others". That simple sentence and simplistic meaning gave my life light and directed my life towards helping others. Serving the community has been a passion of mine and developed into a life-long commitment. I am a volunteer at my local library for 4 years and volunteered for the salvation army, habitat for humanity, and Jonathan's place. I am also active in school and was involved in Student Council, D.A.S.H, Skills USA, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, and Interact Club.