Learn from Others Mistakes, Not Your Own.

Alexa Grey

My Essay

Just like any other kid, when I was little I thought "drinking and driving" meant you shouldn't have any liquids at all. As I got older, I understood that "drinking and driving" was actually very dangerous and illegal. When I was in middle school, Mothers Against Drunk Driving brought a car that their late son had crashed to our school. The idea of seeing a mustang so big be compacted into something of just a small sliver scared me. I advocate against drunk driving by not only choosing sobriety but persuading the others around me to choose the same route. The summer before I started high school, my mother got drunk and I fearfully rode in the car with her. Just like every other intoxicated person, she was hard to reason with, and the only thing going through my mind was "what if we crash”? People always say "take their keys away" but drunk people are very angry and not to be reasoned with. I feel as though some people find drinking and driving to be "cool”, but it can ruin not only your life but others. The reason I advocate against drunk driving is because I think everyone deserves to live a long life without anything holding them back from that. While things like taking peoples keys and only having a drink or two may sound like an effortless way to truly prevent drunk driving, it isn't. To me, the simplest way I can stand up against drunk driving is by making a smart choice, and not drinking at all. After all, it’s much easier to just say no than to try and wrestle the keys from your friends.

About Me

My name is Alexa, and I have lived my whole life making people smile. Growing up, I wanted to be a comedian because of how much I made others laugh. Seeing laughter rise from a frowning face is something so beautiful. As a child, I did not have as many opportunities as other children did. Most of my youth was spent moving homes, making new friends, and helping take care of my younger siblings. One thing stayed the same through every face I saw as a child- their smiles! Making people laugh and listening to their feelings was something that always came effortlessly, and it was a great way to make friends. While growing up, I also dealt with the fact of not fitting into on racial standard due to the fact that I was biracial. As a kid, you don't understand race, so when you look different it is kind of hard to fit in. I decided to move on from wanting to be a comedian to study anthropology, so I can learn more about the cultures that people come from while also working in criminal justice.