Making the world, and the roads a better place

Hazel Herman

My Essay

Thousands of people die from alcohol-related car accidents every year. Fortunately, no one I know has ever been personally touched by the demon that is drunk driving, but so many people are. While I haven't gotten into an accident due to drunk drivers before, I have seen many close calls on the roads before. When I was in middle school, a house in my neighborhood witnessed the full effects of a drunk driver. A small car flew through their front window, and the family had to stay in a hotel for months while they rebuilt the front room of their house. This incident instilled immense fear in me that I have never been able to shake. I am thankful for this fear. Since this, I have been a huge advocate for safe driving. Whenever my friends and I part ways after a game night, I tell them all to keep their eyes on the road and watch out for drunk drivers. I am not worried for my friends, they are great drivers and would never put themselves or others in harm's way, but the other drivers on the road that I don't know are not the same. On New Year's Eve, I am not allowed to leave the house after 10 pm because there are a handful of people on the road that have been drinking. The problem is, so many people think they are invincible, but the fact is they are not. I am a big supporter of services such as Uber, Lyft, and all other car services for this reason. These companies are a safe choice for those who need to get places who may be intoxicated. They need to be advertised more for this reason. There should also be a free-ride service for those who might not be able to afford car services. Everyone deserves to get a safe ride home. While drunk driving is a prominent issue in society today, it is not talked about enough. As a teenager who watches a fair amount of TV, I never see ad's about drunk driving and the dangers of it. Maybe if people were better informed of it, or scared like I was at a young age, people would be more aware and not get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated.

About Me

I feel like something that is special and unique about me is my personality. I have such a fun and bubbly side to me, but I can also be quiet and empathetic and listen to others. I feel like my size also makes me unique. At my school I am one of the shortest people in my high school. I am definitively the shortest person in my class. Almost everyone towers over me. I love being short, I think it does make me unique. I use my shortness as a power, instead of something that holds me back and I am good at making do because of it. As a person I think some of my strengths include my friendliness, my vulnerability and my competitiveness, same goes for me as an artist. I am able to put my emotions on the line and bring it into my acting. When I was nine years old I saw my first musical and in that moment I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After I left the theatre that day I felt changed. I want to make other people feel the way I felt when I left that theatre. I want to change people through art. I believe that art can bring people together, and in today’s times, especially in my city of St. Louis, there is a devastating divide between cultures, but the arts are where people can go to get away from that and come together to work on something bigger than the issues, and bigger than themselves. Some other interests and hobbies I have include mock trial, service work, Spanish, and the human brain. I love mock trial because I like to build cases and argue my side and defend my side. I think law is so interesting and the way our justice system works is so important. I enjoy service work because I love to help others, and I love to help the community. My favorite service project to date was my junior project, I worked at a hospital near my school and I helped the nurses clean the rooms after patients left, I transported patients, and I brought them food if they needed it. I love getting to know every patient that came in and being able to talk to them before they went into surgery. I also enjoyed helping the nurses and taking a load off of them. One thing I have always loved is Spanish. When I was very young I watched Dora every single day, I dressed as her for Halloween and I would talk in little bits of Spanish like she did with her abuela. When I got to 7th grade I took my first Spanish class ever and I fell in love instantly with the language and the culture. Now I am in college credit Spanish 4 and I still love it. To me it is not a class, it is more than that. I try to teach my mom Spanish at home, and I even speak some to my friends. Another interest of mine is the human brain. I think the brain is the most interesting thing ever. It astounds me the things we think and say, and how our brains control our every mood. Our brains can even comprehend themselves! There is nothing cooler than the human brain in my opinion.