No Excuses

Caitlin Phan

My Essay

I remember the initial shock I felt after reading the local headlines. November 7th of 2017-- a solo vehicle crash left one dead and one injured. High schoolers, students I saw everyday, suddenly had their lives changed. One rushed decision to get into the car had severe consequences. The story was the E. went behind the wheel and lost control. He was declared dead on the scene and the passenger V. was hospitalized. She was in a coma and the doctors told her she could be paralyzed for the rest of her life. I was devastated to hear about this collision. They were so young, and yet loss so many opportunities from this incident. I joined’s mission to promote awareness of the dangers of reckless driving. I designed a thought-provoking poster to highlight the aftermath of making poor decisions behind the wheel. I wanted to reinforce that there is “No Excuses” for drunk driving and that people must watch their actions []. I shared this among various media platforms, like Pinterest, to spread the word. Driving under the influence has not only legal implications, but irreversible repercussions. Each person has hopes and dreams, and drunk driving can be a catalyst to end them. As a driver, you have the responsibility to keep the roads safe. Never get behind the wheel if you cannot make good judgements, and do not let your companions do the same. This can save lives and futures of those around you. There are many instances in our lives when we are faced with a opportunity to make a difference. It can be as simple as reporting a reckless driver spotted on the road. I remind all my friends and family to remain vigilant on the roads. There is always the risk that another driver’s senses are impaired. I am never a passive passenger, always staying on the lookout in the car or crossing streets. By identifying threatening drivers, we can help authorities clear dangerous people off the road. One third of traffic related deaths, a whopping 10,265 civilians, are caused by drunk drivers[]. By having strict consequences, we can discourage drivers from risking the lives of others. It can get as difficult as provoking peers to change their views. Many times when I am out with my older friends, they decide to get a drink. They always try to persuade me it was not a lot and they are fine. It is uncomfortable to argue with a friend, but it is necessary to stop this way of thinking. Even when it is awkward, I intervene to ensure the safety of others. Drunk driving is a crime that steals the future from innocent people. It is a prevalent issue and the time to take a stand is now. Our generation is the future regulators of society. This is why it is important to educate teens of the implications of their actions, and never drive drunk or distracted.

About Me

I am always looking for challenges, whether in taking advanced courses, competing in sports, cultivating new recipes, or finding new hobbies. Bloomer’s Club is a unique on-campus group focused on bridging the gap between general and special-ed students. As President, I organize events and created a budget for holiday potlucks, a district-wide basketball tournament, crafts, field trips, barbeques, talent shows, gardening, and other fun! I participate in sports to maintain my physical and mental wellbeing. Volleyball and track has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and be confidence. Exercising is an outlet for stress. As an aspiring personal trainer, I volunteer at a local fitness studio. I was inspired by my coaches' passion to help others. I help younger clients on coordination, agility, and powerlifting drills. Fitness is an integral part of my life. It’s a healthy way to connect with others. Training is enjoyable, whether striving towards my own goals or motivating others.