Ebele Okafor

My Essay

I wanted to be proactive in changing my community for the better. I really wanted to make a change, and so I joined the new SADD chapter at my school. With SADD, I have been able to combat many issues, such as mental illness and drug abuse, but our most important campaign has been against Drunk Driving. Together with the club members, we put together a video about Drunk Driving to reach my school at the Junior Wellness Day that year, which was about the dangers of Dinking and Driving. Our objective was to make the presentation personal and shocking. I wanted to show my class how horrible and tragic the consequences of Drinking and Driving were. We found articles and pictures, many of whom were about local teens the same age or even younger than we were. It was very emotional reading about all the children, my age, whose lives were taken away because of one person’s selfish act. To this day I ponder over the stories we found, of teens driving over 120 mph, of deaths on Christmas Day, and the tragic photos. On the Wellness Day, I stood up in front of my entire class and, in addition to performing a Breathalyzer test, presented the video. As I watched them listen to it, I could hear the shock in their voices as they whispered amongst themselves, and I knew that the message had reached them.
My campaign did not end there. With other students from the local schools, the Dartmouth Police Department, we directed and produced our own PSA video on drunk driving, which we showed to all the local seniors during prom season. In addition, this PSA and the previous video we had made were both aired on TV and posted online. It was an incredible experience to make such a difference working with my friends. I was able, by playing the survivor of the car crash, to learn what the consequences of drunk driving, from the crash, to the emergency response, were like, and knew that I never wanted to be involved in them. My SADD group organized the entire thing, and, with the help of the Dartmouth Police Department, we were able to secure a road and car, which was flipped over for the filming. My schoolmates and everyone who saw the PSA congratulated me, saying they were very impressed by it. I was just honored that I was actually able to take a stand against drugs driving and hopefully convinced at least one of my classmates to stand against it as well. Seeing the impact I made has inspired me to continue fighting for an end to Drinking and Driving, and to protect the innocent from becoming victims.

About Me

I am a member of many extracurriculars. My favorites are NHS, Girl Scouts, SADD, HOBY, Drama Club, and Debate Team. I love community service, and have received the President's Volunteer Service Award for over 100 hours. I have volunteered at the Special Winter Olympics, Gifts to Give, teach Sunday School, and many more. I work as a camp counselor in the summer and enjoy reading. I have played Volleyball and done Weight Training, and plan to go into Molecular Biology. I want to research ways to treat and cure genetic diseases. I am also very artistic and have won many regional writing contests.