Scholarship Application

Tori Pack

My Essay

I am an advocate against drinking and driving because of the many innocent lives that have been taken because of it. Drinking and driving is never okay under any circumstance because of the many lives that it endangers. I am a member of the Teen Leadership Coalition at my high school and we have made presentations, posters, and spoke out to the high school on how serious this topic is. I will continue to spread the word throughout my high school this year through the Leadership Coalition.

About Me

Like Ashley, I plan on attending college and majoring in Nursing. I love the idea of helping other at all costs. I have played basketball since pee-wee and love the sport. Grades have always been very important to me and I have maintained all A's throughout my 13 years of schooling. By graduation, I will have taken 6 AP classes and two online college classes. I strive to be an inspiration to others through my demonstration of happiness in Christ.