Selfish Decisions

Nadege Kabuanga

My Essay

Driving while drunk is one of the most selfish decisions anybody could ever make. On it’s own driving while sober is a difficult task, that is why we are asked to not perform tasks that require us to split our attention from the road such as using our phones while driving. To involve alcohol, a substance that literally impairs and lags one’s judgement, reaction time, coordination, perception, etc.; all of these are tools that people need in order to be in control of a car and to simply allow oneself to get behind the wheel while these tools are not all there is simply selfish. As of 2017, according to the CDC, every 51 minutes someone is killed by drunk driving. Someone’s life is cut short whether it is the driver itself or whoever was on the road, because of a selfish decision. Young people more than any other age group are more likely to be involved in a drunk driving accident. Can you imagine being 22 walking around knowing that you either killed or severely injured someone all because you wanted to drive while drunk? I believe that the moral consequence that comes with drinking and driving is much more grave than the legal consequences. While I am not personally involved in the partying scene, I do know people around me that are and I do what is within my power to make sure that they are being safe while partying. I always let them know I am here if they need someone to pick them up from a party at 2 am. Designated drivers are a must and within every friend group, I believe there should always be a designated driver. We live in a day and age where we have the power of the whole wide world at our fingertips, so use that power to request an Uber or Lyft. The first ride is free, take advantage of that. If worst comes to worst, if someone is at a party and is unable to drive because they have been drinking, spend the night. I also believe that parents should be there more for teens in this situation. Although the last thing a parent wants is a phone call from their teen in the middle night asking for a ride because they were drinking, it is way better than call that their teen has been involved in a drunk driving accident. There are so many precautions one can take before a night out and so many avenues that one can take to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they are behind the wheel while intoxicated. As a society, we are hyper-aware of these precautions and avenues and if one is still able to get behind the wheel while drunk, it is simply one of the most selfish decisions one could ever make.

About Me

Throughout high school, I have been able to experience many avenues. From freshman year through junior year, I was Class of 2018 Treasurer and the committee chairman for the Teacher Appreciation committee within my student council. Along with this, I have been a member of National Honors Society since my sophomore year. My senior year, I was blessed to be elected to the position of Senior Class President and be appointed to the position of Student Body Treasurer and still be the committee chairman for the Teacher Appreciation Committee. I have also been a member of my school’s girls basketball team all throughout high school. With all these different positions, I have been able to experience and meet so many different and amazing opportunities and people. I believe that I am more than what I do and who I am, but I am instead what I do with who I am. And with that, I believe I am a girl that just wants to make a change in the world, big or small.