Stop Drinking and Driving: Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez

My Essay

When it comes to drinking and driving, what needs to be remembered is your life is not the only one at risk. I have never personally lost someone due to this but I have seen people go through the loss of loved ones due to drinking and driving, this was enough to motivate me. No matter how they are related to me or their age difference from mine, I always make it my business to check how intoxicated people are traveling home. I consider myself a very involved person in my community, my summer job is to better my community of Belmont Cragin. I also grew up in a large family, having these ties to people has made me realize you can’t only think about yourself in these situations. Imagine you’re at a party with your friends who are drinking and having a good time. It comes around the time for everyone to leave and go home but your friend who is clearly intoxicated has to drive home. You know the smart thing to do would be to drive them home, considering you are sober, making sure they arrive home safely. You two get in the car and on your way to their house, another drunk driver crashes into your car. Sometimes even when following the rules of not drinking and driving, people suffer the consequences because of someone else’s mistake. It’s inevitable. Like anything that needs serious attention, this needs more media. The world seems to follow social media so let’s take advantage of it and press this matter, one life saved makes the whole campaign worth it. Taking these small steps of posting on social media can work towards the bigger picture. Something as small as offering your intoxicated friend an uber/lyft ride home can prevent any lives being taken too early. Even retweeting a story of drunk driving gone wrong can help people realize what they’re doing. I have taken all these small steps towards preventing accidents, my next step is to promote this where it is heavily needed, college. I would like to start a club where we can host speakers to come in and talk to the students about rethinking their choices. There would also be events where stickers with personal phone numbers of group members with cars to help those in need would be given out. These type of situations happen too often, we need to find ways to work together as a community and help one another.

About Me

As someone who has been actively involved in my community for 3 years through an after school matters program, I would consider myself a people person. I have also played an active part in my younger siblings lives by helping out as much as I can. I have been seen as the leader of my youth council and in my own home multiple times until I was awarded the position of president. I grew up in a low income household on the southside of Chicago which made me grow up a little quicker than I had to. I have always been very mature and understanding for my age and I want to give back to my community for all it has done for me. Coming from my background, making the world a better place and making my family proud of who I have become are my priorities.