Stop the futureless generation

Elizabeth Montgomery

My Essay

During my freshman year of high school, a senior was in a fatal motorcycle accident that was caused by a drunk driver. I remember that the morning after, at school, the whole day of classes was stopped and we were all told our fellow classmate would no longer be returning. The halls were filled with the crying of students; there was not one dry eye. Even I, though I did not know him, had tears streaming my face. Seeing his friends that couldn't breathe because of their sobs, his girlfriend sitting in the hallway with a blank face, and the teachers that left school that day was truly one of the saddest sights I have seen. I remember that the only thought that was going through my head was that none of these people will ever get to laugh and smile or hug and hold him again. Though I did not know him, I remember seeing him in the hallways and his smile was truly beautiful; he was a kind soul and everyone that talked of him and knew him truly loved him because he was so sweet. A life so young and pure, kind and helpful, and having such a good life ahead of him, was gone. This experience is what made me advocate against drinking and driving, because I do not want another person to never go home to their family again. To show my support, whenever I am in the situation of having a friend that's under the influence and wants to drive me or others home, I always take the wheel to make sure we all get home safely. I make sure my friends always know that if they are in a situation where they feel even slightly "out of it", to message me so either I or someone else can come get them so they do not have to feel obligated to get themselves' home. One day when I have kids, I will also tell them that if they are in a situation that would risk their safety of getting home, to call me and I will make sure them and anyone else gets home. One thing people do not realize when they are driving is that they must be 100% aware of surroundings, for their safety and other's safety. When under the influence, your awareness plummets. Although you can not account for other people's actions, there are ways such that I do, to make sure your own actions are accounted for, which is better than complete recklessness. I am just beginning to take more actions with drinking and driving such as making signs, and I hope one day I can do something to make sure that everyone is safe and aware on the road. I hope one day that we can, as a society, make sure that our generations have a future.

About Me

I have recently started spending my time at the Spokane Humane Society and also advocate for non-cruel and fair treatment of animals. I also hope that one day our animals will be able to live without dehydration, starvation, and inhumane customs. I am in Running Start too, and am very serious about my education, and hope to change the world with it.