Striving for Awareness

Aliyah Young

My Essay

Drinking and driving is a big problem in America today that leads to many alcohol related accidents and many deaths. The need to create more awareness about drinking and driving is very important to me because I knew someone who was involved in a drunken driving collusion a few years ago who fortunately survived. Since his almost fatal accident I have been as involved as possible in making people aware about the dangers of making the wrong choice and choosing to drink and drive. I have most recently been involved with my Leadership class in bringing more awareness to my school and community through partnering with our local police force, Wheatland PD, to do Every 15 Minutes. The purpose of Every 15 Minutes is to challenge high school students to really think about the consequences drunk driving can lead to and to think about personal safety. Through the usage a real-life simulation and video of fellow classmates drunk driving with the harsh reality of possible death, we aim to shock our classmates in such a way that prevents them from drinking and driving or at least consider having a sober driver. Having personally been affected by a drunk driving accident my goal is to make awareness of the dangers of not having a designated driver when one goes to party. When I know my friends are going to party I make sure that they have a sober driver or I drive them home. Through the Every 15 Minutes program and general knowledge about drinking and driving I have been more aware of what’s happening in the real world and I am not afraid to share what I know because I could possibly save a life one day.

About Me

I am very involved in my church community because I feel it is the best way I can express Jesus’ love towards people and helping people is one of my many passions. America today is full of many disheartening facts from high poverty rates to high unemployment rates; the state of our country and our people is not very good and I want to help change that. There are many ways to make a difference but sometimes the pressures of society, to fit in, become too much and we allow ourselves to be caught up in ourselves and we become blinded to the fact that our fellow man needs help. From a young age I’ve always had a passion to help people and through volunteering I have found a way to make a difference and that has shaped my life. Giving back to my community has always been a big part of my life because I was taught at a young age that “you never know what can happen tomorrow and you never know whose help you might need.” My church hosts many Community Closets, food, toy, backpack, and clothing giveaways and I try to get as involved as possible in my community because I am never truly aware of my potential impact on someone. When my church hosts these events I help wherever I’m needed or wanted because my goal is to help as many people as possible. It only takes one person with one act of kindness to create a domino effect that can change a community. I saw the need of the people in my community and I did not want to sit back and watch to see if someone would make a change, so I decided to be that change. I knew that if I wanted a change in my community I would have to do something, so I decided many years ago that I would not be selfish when it comes to people in need because they could be me one day. I give up my time to help others knowing that one day my community will change for the better. Helping my community has helped shape me because I am now more willing to stand out and help others instead of following everyone else. Now I refuse to not take action because I want to see a change.