Sydney Rivera: Ashley’s Dream Scholarship

Sydney Rivera

My Essay

My mom works as a claims examiner at Geico, so she constantly deals with car accidents pertaining to drunken driving. She has told me stories upon stories about families that have lost loved ones as a result of a drunk driver. There was one case where a girl had just graduated from high school and was driving with her parents to celebrate when they were hit by a drunk driver. Both of the girl’s parents were killed on impact and the girl is now paralyzed from the waist down. As a high school senior myself, this broke my heart. I am extremely close with my family and my parents, so the thought of losing them to something so careless is unimaginable. Unfortunately, situations like this occur more often than we think. In the United States alone, 28 people die everyday in car accidents involving alcohol.That means every year 10,220 people’s lives are lost because of drinking and driving. When I saw that number I just couldn’t believe it, however, thinking about the countless lives that are lost everyday due to this careless act fuels me to keep wanting to make a difference in my community. Being a senior in high school I see a lot of drinking going on within certain social groups. High school causes a great deal of stress in students, so many of them will turn to substances that they feel will relieve some of that stress. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who turn to alcohol in their times of stress. I personally make it a point to educate these people on the dangers of drinking and driving and even try to serve as a model of someone who can be happy and not be involved with alcohol. I know that I can’t force people to change their ways, but by providing them with the knowledge of the consequences that follow unsafe drinking, I am at least opening the door to possible change. It’s like that saying, “You can bring a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink.” In the future I plan to continue to be an advocate against drinking and driving. I would love to be a part of an organization or even simply a club in college that raises awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. While most people know that it’s unwise to drink and drive, I don’t believe that they fully recognize the consequences that will most likely follow their actions. I want to continue educating people in this field because I want them to understand that drinking and driving is a serious issue that requires more attention. The more people we have fighting against this issue, the more likely we are to potentially save 10,220 lives. To me, that is 100% an issue worth fighting for.

About Me

Through having to juggle Harrison performances, academic grades, and extra-curricular activities I have grown as a student, performer, and individual. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of multiple shows at Harrison and while they are each extremely time consuming, I have managed to keep a 4.3 GPA and have made an effort to make time for community service. Every Sunday I lead worship during the kid’s service at my church and every summer I volunteer at the Kids Summer Dance Camp at my studio. I love working with kids and sharing my passion for dance with them. I’ve been dancing for fourteen years and I’m beyond ecstatic to be pursuing dance in college. Dance has always been my passion, so I can’t wait to make a career out of it. I respectfully and humbly ask that you please consider me for this scholarship opportunity. I would be eternally grateful for whatever it is that you can give me. Thank you so much.