The Spark of Change

Bryce Payne

My Essay

The lectures and speeches given to us by many about drunk driving started in the fifth grade. As a high school senior we still receive these lectures and speeches of avocation to hopefully educate us about the dangers of jumping into the driver seat drunk or allowing someone else to do so. Throughout the years everyone advocating had something in common, and that was that it had happened to them. I believe the reason for this is because we do not realize the horrors or how life changing this is until it happens to us and this must be the change. However, it was freshman year when a close friend of mine and his friends were driving drunk and managed to hit a tree on the back roads coming home. The instant panic of a text that my ex boyfriend Joe was in the hospital was what set my advocacy on fire. The story of Joe lives on in the Booneville High School halls, although he is not dead, Joe still has to receive around the clock care for his brain injuries. Joe’s football career was ruined only by his mistake of driving drunk. I believe this life is so precious and the spectrum to change drunk driving percentages is large. Some people believe that the start of the self driving car is somewhat a change in the percentages of drunk driving because they can tell the car to take them home. However, working these cars sober is difficult, so working these cars drunk would be even more of a challenge. Therefore, we must change the mind of the people before we change the community around us. I will continue to advocate this throughout my life as a nurse. Nursing will allow me to advocate through schools and other hospitals to ensure the safety of some people's lives who listen to my words of kindness only to save their lives and I must say that a few people is much better than none. Drunk driving is something that everyone should teach others not to do and make change to, therefore my goal in life is to not only become a nurse to help people but to also advocate against drunk driving and hopefully set a spark in others to advocate as well.

About Me

My name is Bryce Payne and I am a senior at Booneville High School in MS. My future career plans are to receive my masters degree in Nursing and become a nurse anesthetist. I am a very ambitious and involved student. I was voted into an officer position for a few clubs such as: Vice President of National Honor Society, involved in HOSA which has allowed me to become Reporter of the National Technical Honor Society, Secretary of Anchor Club, FCCLA Sweetheart, Class Secretary, President of FFA, and Vice President of Juniorettes. However, I am also a member of Spanish National Honor Society and Art Club. These clubs have allowed me to complete over 300 service hours. Also, I will be completing the two-year Health Science program this year which has taught me so much about my future career in nursing. I am beyond enthused to embark on this new journey after high school and this scholarship will provide bountiful help in reaching my career as a CRNA and I would be so honored to receive it.