Speaking Engagement Outline

David Easterbrook’s presentation on “Decision Making – Consequences of Choices” has been extremely well received by schools and students alike throughout the United States. Easterbrook uses the life and death of his daughter to relate the message that each person is responsible for their own decisions. Decisions affect not just yourself, but those around you as well. Easterbrook’s efforts have been recognized by former President George W. Bush (November 2010) and former Governor John Engler of Michigan (April 1999).

“Early decisions in the adolescent and teen years focus typically on ‘I'” says Easterbrook. “Choices are typically thought out quickly, thinking of one-self, and no thought to what the consequences could be, or how they would affect others. This self-minded process of decision making is immature. It’s not until the individual begins to think about others can they call themselves adults.”

Easterbrook, sometimes joined by his son Adam, uses Ashley Marie Easterbrook’s story as the thread for his presentation. Ashley, and two of her friends, were killed by a 33-year old drunk driver in Troy, Michigan. Ashley had written about her fear of being killed by a drunk driver in diary entries, found by her parents the day of her funeral. This prophetic event has led to Ashley’s story being told on television shows such as “Dateline”, “Today”, “Good Morning America” and many others. In addition, her life and death were featured in an article by author Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven). Ashley’s story also became the topic of a nationwide campaign against drunk driving presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Easterbrooks have presented to thousands of students across America. These groups include middle schools, high schools, universities, fraternities and sororities. All proceeds of presentations go to the Ashley’s Dream Foundation, which has raised nearly one million dollars for scholarships and grants to students nationwide.

If you are interested in the Easterbrooks for a speaking engagement, please contact the Foundation.